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Pengertian Dan Sekilas Tentang Google Adsense

- Pengertian Dan Sekilas Tentang Google Adsense

Adsense is a means for us to make money on the internet and a good free adsense. Explanation of details like this.

Perhaps you are familiar or familiar with the name "GOOGLE" Google is the largest search site on the internet today. Serving more than 22 million searches every day.

Well actually google warehouse is also very big money if you know how to look.

Adsense is one of the tools for us to make money on google. AdSense is an extension of "AdWord SENSE ''abbreviated as" AdSense "so adsense is the essence of AdWords.

Adword ads that are installed on search sites in google. For example, if you search for the word Internet business in google search field, then it will come out a lot of search results tul not?

Now on the right side of your screen, right there "Sponsored links" or "Sponsored by" and there will be some ads that appear there (know?) I assume you understand because if you do not understand, well kebangetan hahahaha kidding hehe.

Now ads on the right that the name AdWord, and it is the source of our money on AdSense.

Adsense is the business of "Pay per click" or whenever there is a click we can money ".Adsense works like this.

Is advertising that is "Pay" so if you want to have ads on google you have to pay to google.

Overview of Google Adsense so ...

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