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Procedures & Easy Steps Up Google Adsense

- Procedures & Easy Steps Up Google Adsense

Google adsense is one alternative to make money from your blog or website. Google adsense as one of the money online through a system or network provider networking adsense ads through the system PPC or pay per click. That means you will be paid if there is a valid blog visitors do ads or click on ads shown in your blog or website. The amount of the amount of payment depends on the type of ads your adsense account, the agreement between the advertiser (advertiser) with Google adsense ads as the provider, the type of visitor (organic, direct and location), ad placement and ad relevance. Generally, you will be paid between 0.01-100 dollars (depending on the type of ad, publisher accounts and locations according to my own experience)

With the popularity of Google AdSense, reliable, relevant ads and higher-paid clicks then a lot of blogs or web race competition to be able to get this adsense account. Signing up is easy, but to be a member publishers or members of Google AdSense is difficult not to play (including me before acceptance) but after it is received it is not difficult also hehehe .... Once you are accepted in Google Adsense is you have the time you make money, to can pay out or can payday every month from Google adsense then you should have the number of visitors very much, because a minimum of money you can receive after fulfilling the payment threshold of 100 dollars could be through a bank check, western union.

According to many owners of blogs or web to be accepted into Adsense publisher difficulty of not playing, but that's the uninitiated? Actually, Google does not complicate your party to be a publisher, or propose requirements burdensome requirements. What is clear Google party will receive a blog or website if it is a blog or website deserves to be a publisher. Read also be accepted google adsense tips before you register a blog or website, you are welcome in order to facilitate Google adsense. Well here are the procedures and measures applying to Google AdSense.

Step Up Google Adsense :

Send request
The most important thing to be accepted Google AdSense is to have a website with interesting content, original, does not violate the provisions, useful for your users and of course your blog or website deserves to be the Adsense publisher. So before applying for AdSense, check whether your site has content that is interesting and original, this also applies to those of you who will send a request for re-register Google Adsense to your blog or website you have to fix and more feasible for publishers advertising. Once your blog or website ready and deserved the list to Google adsense, because if your blog is not ready or do not meet the required criteria then it is definitely not acceptable to your blog. Here are tips to register your blog or website:

If your blog or website is a site hosted (Google's partner sites) such as Blogger, Youtube, Hubpages or the like then you can register your blog on the platform the web, for sites hosted or partner you will receive payment for results and for bloggers will get 68 %, you will receive a full if you upgrade your hosted account into account nonhosted. Special registration for blog content will undergo a review twice. Read also how to sign up for Google AdSense through your blog. If your blog is the partner sites like blogger, you can apply directly on the blog was for a blog or website that has no connection partner (non-hosted) you can go directly to https://www.google.com/adsense/signup to register. Because the process of registering the account partner and non-partner has a different application process.

After you register and fill in the terms given, then your blog will be reviewed or reviewed by a team of Google (address, URL, etc.) Within 2x24 hours (this time your account can be used but have not been able to advertise) and thereafter will The second was reviewed again about a week and the Google will email you the status of your application. If the application is not approved, you will receive an email explaining the reasons for refusal and possible next steps that can be taken to improve your blog or website for later carried the petition reset (you need to know I got 10 rejections, corrected the list again until the new 11th actually received full approved).

Placing the ad code on your site
After the Google team to verify your information (on the review or tinauan first as discussed above), then you must create and place your first ad unit code and place the ad code in the URL you provide in your application. You will only see a blank ad units on a site until you pass the second review and we will fully activate your AdSense account. At this first review Adsense team will review your blog if your blog or website is feasible and meets the Google policy. You will also see a red bar along the top that states that your account is still under review (if your adsense account is accepted and will disappear automatically if your account is fully activated). Once you have successfully received your congratulations and ready to make money on your blog or website.

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