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Tips Accepted Enable Your Blog Google Adsense

- Tips Accepted Enable Your Blog Google Adsense

Well this time I will discuss it one by one to your blog or website easily accepted when signing up for Google adsense. 

Here are some questions that may help you to check the quality of your blog is worthy or not worthy of being a Google AdSense publisher:

Make sure your blog is listed
- Was listed on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
- Registered in Webmaster (Webmaster Google, Yahoo, Bing) (update bing and yahoo now become one websmaster)

Make sure your blog has 2 Site map
- Site map on the blog page (table of contents /)
- Sitemap at webmaster (sitemap xml)

Age blogs accordance with the provisions
Google requires for certain countries such as china, india and pakistan to register their blog to google adsense minimum of 6 months old. This is to ensure within the expected age of your blog already contains a lot of quality content and useful, rich visitors, has many relevant keywords with Google ads and of course your blog is ready and worthy of being a Google Adsense publisher.

Easy to navigate and has the support pages
- Have a navigation that allows visitors surfing around your blog page
- Have a support page (Table of contents, terms and conditions, contact)
- Have a supporter widget that allows users to use your blog (for example breadcrumb, popular posts, related articles, recent posts, etc.)

SEO friendly blog template
- Template blog mild / do not take much time to meloading page (fast load)
- Heading correct tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc.)
- Do not use a lot of scripts or widgets burdensome blog and make it difficult for search engines to crawl the entire mengcrawling your blog.
- Tempalte simple blog
- The layout of widgets and pages neat and orderly

The entire content does not infringe copyright
- Content articles must be original and unique (if mostly copy and paste forget to sign up for Google adsense)
- Quality article and draw readers
- Images are not copyrighted (the solution is to use your own picture or take a picture free license)

Blog rich in content and visitors
-Make Sure the blog has many articles (not known exactly how the article should possess to be listed in Google adsense, at least according to some expert SEO blog must have at least 60 articles before registering google adsense)
- Have a lot of visitors
- Have a lot of traffic (preferably organic traffic)

Niche or blog theme in accordance with the provisions of
Niche or blog theme that will register must not contain about:
- Adult Content
- Gambling
- Sales of alcohol, narcotics, weapons
- Racist
- Direct
- Etc.

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